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Alarm clock

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Alarm clock simple, easy to use.
- Many features and turn your phone into a real digital alarm clock.
- Stopwatch and countdown timer conveniently.
- Update weather and temperature regularly, so you can start a better day.
- Many beautiful interfaces are suitable for all ages.
- Alarm clock has 3 sleep modes: 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes.
- Perform calculations to deactivate the alarm and compute training.
- Fruit games, just entertainment to turn off the alarm. Wake up a new day more sober.
- Light and powerful sound.
- Play random music according to your playlists.
(Get up on time in the best way, the best app for you)


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The app turns your phone into a super-bright flashlight and also a digital compass.
- Fast turn on and 360 degree swivel.
- Many beautiful interface like wood, diamond flashlight, suitable for every personality.
- The digital compass is convenient when you need it.
- 5-color bright screen.
- Flash LED flashes.

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