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gallery/ic_launcher 192
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Simple alarm clock easy to use
Features of the application
- Stopwatch and  timer
- Update weather and temperature right on the stopwatch screen and alarm clock screen
- There are 5 interfaces and 30 colors screen
- The default alarm clock has 3 sleep modes: 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes.
- Solve math to cancel an alarm
- Play a game to cancel the alarm
- Gentle and powerful sound
- Play random music according to the playlist you choose
- There is fast alarm mode

The application has 5 different skins for you to change
- There is an 8-color bright screen mode you can adjust the flashing of 3 frequencies and adjust the brightness (This mode will be enabled by default when the phone does not have LED flash)
- Shortcuts on the notification bar for you to turn on and off conveniently.
- Morse codes SOS signals when you need an emergency. You can change the Morse code
- There mode flashing multiple frequencies
- Digital compass flashlight for you to determine the direction (note: some phone models do not support digital compass)

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Music player and music manager from memory
- Play music by folder and album, artist, genre
- Create favorite playlists
- Select songs to play in order and random
- Select favorite song as ringtone
- Edit the tabs according to the position you set and set the wallpaper
- Support sound effects, bass adjustment
- Search feature and select multiple songs at once
- There are widgets and shortcuts supported from android 8
- Loud and soft music slow down when stop and play music

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The scanner can scan QR codes and several other types of barcodes
Some features of the application
- QR Code Generator like Text, Wifi, Website, Event and some other codes
- Image scanner, you can adjust the scanning area as you like
- The feature to enter the product code manually in case the barcode cannot be scanned
- You can touch the screen to stop scanning and when you remove your hand, the app will continue scanning to avoid accidental scanning
- Barcode scan history for you to find scanned codes later
- You can add product price information and make a note, the next time you scan the barcode again there will be more information about the product you added